Category: David Williams

David has produced paintings,prints and ceramics since 1965.
He usually explores a particular theme, which sometimes demands a distinct change of medium being used.
Some recent works are produced using collage, image transfer, prints and encaustic, (beeswax and pigment), a process which predates oil painting. He enjoys the challenge of a new theme to explore and the different methods needed to produce the images.
The still life paintings are often an investigation of simple and familiar objects within specific lighting conditions.
He has recently explored both the travels of James Cook and his plant hunter colleague Joseph Banks; this gave David the opportunity to combine travel, exploration and natural forms within the works. In addition a recent series of works has looked at the work of Fibonacci the Italian mathematician ( 1120 – 1240) who, amongst other things, explored the Golden Section, much beloved of artists, and also the mathematics and geometry behind the growth of natural forms,shells, leaves.

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